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FAQs on Premium Champagne Flight

What type of Champagne Flights are currently available? What are the timings for them? Find answers to your questions regarding this flight in FAQs on Premium Champagne Flight.

General FAQs

What can I see atop Singapore Flyer? Can I bring food into the capsules? Find answers to these questions and more in General FAQs.

FAQs on Private Capsules

How many capsules are there? What facilities are there on board? Find answers to your questions regarding capsules in FAQs on Private Capsules.

FAQs on Tickets

Will I get a refund if I want to cancel my ticket? Do I have to buy a ticket for my child? Find answers to your ticketing related questions and more in FAQs On Tickets.

FAQs on Operations

How does the ticketing and queuing system work? When do I have to arrive at the security gate for my flight? FAQs On Operations will answer your operations related questions.

FAQs on Safety & Security

What security and safety measures is Singapore Flyer adopting? Can I go on Singapore Flyer if I have motion sickness? Find answers to your questions on safety and security in FAQs on Safety & Security.

FAQs on Construction

How much steel was used for Singapore Flyer? Find your answers in FAQs on Construction.

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