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Design Concepts

Inspired by national icons such as the Eiffel Tower and the London Eye, Singapore Flyer was conceived by Dr. Kisho Kurokawa of Japan and DP Architects, both leaders in the industry renowned for their unique architectural designs.

Design – Architectural Design

Singapore Flyer was designed to be a ‘total attraction’ from the very start. However, unlike many of its predecessors and competitors, it incorporates a terminal building that serves as a passenger loading area, as well as provide retail and leisure facilities such as shopping, restaurants, and personal wellness.

It also includes a rainforest garden attraction and strong transport links. Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa and DP Architects developed the concepts for the terminal building while global design firm Arup led the design of the wheel structure.

Renowned for his fascinating architectural concepts, Dr. Kisho Kurokawa delights in fusing other cultures into his designs. His choice of aesthetic features emphasise simplicity and harmony. Dr. Kisho Kurokawa’s designs are unique and everlasting.

Dr Kurokawa’s work partner, DP Architects, is also well known for architectural excellence. It is one of the winning teams for the design of the Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay. Founded in 1967, the firm is mindful about creating architecture which reflects the human spirit and experience. It aspires to contribute to the Asian region as well as help Singapore transform into a City of Excellence in the 21st century.

Well-known for their ability to turn architects intent into reality, multidisciplinary design firm Arup is well known as the engineers behind modern day structures like Beijing’s ‘Bird’s Nest’ and ‘Water Cube’, and Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort. Founded in 1968, Arup built upon knowledge gained during the design of the London Eye to develop a lightweight and almost transparent wheel structure for the Flyer. Thanks to its more efficient and innovative design, the Flyer surpasses the London Eye by 30m and is also lighter and slimmer than its predecessor.

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Design – Capsule

Singapore Flyer capsules are fitted with the latest cooling system, supported by a back-up air conditioning system and a solid roof. Passengers need not suffer from the heat when the capsule is 165 metres above the ground, for the capsules are fitted with UV protection to shield them from the blazing Singapore sun. The precision wind engineering also allows passengers to sit back, relax, and enjoy the spectacular skyline without worrying about any movements or vibrations.

Ergonomically designed, each capsule measures 4 metres by 7 metres and has an interior space of 28 square metres, comfortably accommodating a maximum of 28 passengers. The Flyer also has elderly and wheelchair-friendly synchronised double door entry/exit systems.

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Activities At The Flyer

Find fun-filled and relaxing activities at Singapore Flyer Retail Terminal. Specialty outlets like Flight Experience and XD theatre promise you a unique and exciting experience.

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Shopping At The Flyer

From Singapore Flyer mementos to watches and handbags, our retail shops promise a spread of merchandise to put the finishing touches to your Singapore Flyer experience.

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Dining At The Flyer

Take in the spectacular view while enjoying a delightful selection of local favourites and international cuisine.

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