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FAQs on Safety & Security

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What security and safety measures is Singapore Flyer adopting? Can I go on Singapore Flyer if I have motion sickness? Find answers to your questions on safety and security in FAQs on Safety & Security.

FAQs on Safety & Security


It is highly unlikely that the flight would induce motion sickness or a fear of heights, as the capsule is designed specifically to resist the high speed winds, even at the high altitudes. Therefore, the ride is expected to be smooth and easy.

As Singapore Flyer is an observation wheel and not a ferris wheel, the ride is in a secure and stable capsule protected from external conditions and will allow you to view the landscape from a safe environment. However, for those who are prone to motion sickness, we will advise you to have someone accompany you on the flight.

For more information, please refer to our Terms & Conditions [2].


Each door has a mechanical spring loaded safety catch that can only be operated from the outside of the capsule. As such, it will be impossible for the door to open during operations.

Each capsule also has 2 custom-made safety anchor points for use in the event of an emergency.


Singapore Flyer has adopted airport-style security measures. All passengers and their hand baggage will be scanned before boarding on the Level 2, which is the passengers-only level.

There are also two security cameras within each capsule to monitor activities. Safety measures like emergency evacuation procedures and readily available first aid are being provisioned as well.


For large events where international VIPs such as politicians, dignitaries and ambassadors are involved, Straco Leisure Pte Ltd will co-ordinate with events security consultants, the police or national security officers on security measures that need to be implemented.

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