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General FAQs

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What can I see atop Singapore Flyer? Can I bring food into the capsules? Find answers to these questions and more in General FAQs.

General FAQs


Singapore Flyer constantly strives to deliver the highest levels of hospitality and value to our esteemed guests. We have a variety of flight packages available to suit every occasion, including Premium Sky Dining Flight, Premium Champagne Flight and Singapore Sling Flight.

Singapore Flyer also offers packages for wedding solemnisations, organised school trips, corporate events, product launches, and cocktail and networking sessions. Please email sales@singaporeflyer [2] to find out more about our available packages.


Each rotation on Singapore Flyer takes approximately 30 minutes.


Each capsule can comfortably accommodate up to 28 persons.


Guests who reserve and make payment for their flights online will receive an email confirmation and e-ticket from Singapore Flyer within the next 24 hours. Simply print out the e-ticket and bring it along to Singapore Flyer.


If guests are unable to pay by credit card, a cheque with the order details can also be mailed to us.

Cash payments can be made at our sales & marketing office at:
30 Raffles Avenue
Singapore 039803


Yes, children who are 3 years old and above will need to buy a ticket. Children who are below 3 years old may enjoy Singapore Flyer free of charge.


Yes. Unless guests purchase a Private Capsule for their preferred flight, they will be sharing a capsule with other guests. To book a Private Capsule, please email sales@singaporeflyer [2].


Each capsule can comfortably accommodate up to 28 persons. Guests may rest assured that their viewing experience will not be compromised even when the capsule is filled to its full capacity.


Small bags such as ladies’ handbags, camera bags, and pouches will be allowed in the capsule. Guests with bulky items such as strollers and luggage bags will be required to leave them at our Flight Entrance for safekeeping before entering the capsule.


Guests are strongly advised to visit the washrooms prior to boarding their flight. Washrooms are conveniently located on Levels 1, 2, and 3 of Singapore Flyer.


Food and beverages purchased outside are not permitted to be consumed within Singapore Flyer’s capsules.


On board Singapore Flyer, guests can see up to 45 kilometres away. During the ride up, passengers will get to see Singapore’s East Coast, Marina Barrage, Gardens by the Bay, as well as the neighbouring islands of Malaysia and Indonesia. Coming down, passengers will get to see the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort, Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC), and the National Stadium.


Gift vouchers can be purchased online. Simply download the form, fill in your details and follow the payment instructions. The recipient of the gift voucher(s) may choose his own preferred date of flight.
To find out more, please refer to Gift Vouchers [15].


Singapore Flyer is conveniently located in Marina Bay. For more information on getting to Singapore Flyer, please click here [17].


Singapore Flyer has ramps, lifts and handicapped toilets, making it easy for wheelchair-bound guests to get in, out and around the Flyer.

We also have a parking lot for the handicapped situated right next to the lift. Wheelchair-bound guests will be able to park and take the lift directly to the ticket booths or boarding area.


Pregnant women are allowed to experience Singapore Flyer. However, expecting mothers in advanced stages of pregnancy are advised to have someone accompany them when boarding Singapore Flyer. For more information, please refer to our Terms & Conditions [20].

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