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FAQs on Premium Champagne Flight

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What type of Champagne Flights are currently available? What are the timings for them? Find answers to your questions regarding this flight in FAQs on Premium Champagne Flight.

FAQs on Premium Champagne Flight


Premium Champagne Flights are available as individual flights in a Shared Capsule or as a Private Capsule. To reserve your flights online, please click here.


For individual Champagne Flights, flights are available daily at 3.00PM, 5.00PM, 7.00PM, 8.00PM and 9.00PM. For Private Capsule bookings, flights are available daily from 8.30AM to 10.00PM.


Click here to book your flight online. You may also call our Customer Service Team at (65) 6333 3311 or purchase tickets directly from our Ticketing Counter on Level 1.


All Private Champagne Flight Capsules come with:

- Free flow of premium champagne (up to 8 bottles)
- Assortment of chocolates
- One rotation in a Private Capsule (approximately 30 minutes) for maximum privacy and enjoyment
- Express boarding for each guest


All individual Champagne Flights come with:

- One flute of premium champagne per guest
- Assortment of chocolates
- One rotation in a Shared Capsule (approximately 30minutes)
- Express boarding for each guest

Additional flutes of champagne may be purchased from the Flyer Lounge on Level 3 prior to the flight. Kindly approach our friendly staff should you wish to purchase additional flutes of champagne.


Guests are advised to proceed to the Guest Services Lounge on Level 1 a minimum of 30 minutes prior to their scheduled flight. Latecomers will be admitted at Straco Leisure Pte Ltd’s discretion and subject to availability.


All guests are welcome to enjoy this experience. Guests aged 18 years and above will be served champagne, while guests aged 17 years and under will be served a mocktail. Children aged 3 years and below are allowed to board for free.


All alcohol must be consumed on board the capsule. Due to fire and safety guidelines, guests are not permitted to take away any unconsumed beverages, including any unopened/uncorked bottles that may have been purchased during the flight. Please note that guests will not be reimbursed for any items purchased on board their flight.


Guests may pre-book beverages to be served during Private Champagne Capsule Flights at an additional cost. However, guests are not permitted to purchase beverage bottles for future use.


Food and beverages purchased outside are not permitted to be consumed within Singapore Flyer’s capsules.


Guests may opt for either champagne (for guests aged 18 years and above only) or a speciality mocktail. Additional beverages may be purchased and will be charged accordingly.

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