Rules & Regulations

Rules and regulations for filming or conducting photo-shoots at the Singapore Flyer.

Safety & Security

1) Media crew are required to ensure their safety, and also the safety of all our visitors within Singapore Flyer premises.

2) Straco Leisure Pte Ltd have the right to issue a stop work order or interrupt any filming process if the project:

  • is deemed a risk to the structure/building or;
  • has the potential to cause bodily harm to anyone within the Singapore Flyer vicinity.


3) Singapore Flyer will not allow capsule doors to be opened during a flight for any filming or photography purposes.

4) As a security measure, all visitors and their permitted bags/equipment will be scanned at our security area before they are allowed onto the embarking/holding area on Level 3. To minimise delays, we recommend that media crew members reduce their personal belongings and equipment before boarding the capsule.

5) All members of the filming team must always have their visitors’ passes visibly attached to them whenever they are within Singapore Flyer vicinity. Straco Leisure Pte Ltd reserves the right to carry out random checks of belongings or equipment at any time.

6) For security reasons, all belongings and equipment must be attended to at all times. The management and security of Straco Leisure Pte Ltd reserve the right to carry out random checks of belongings or equipment at any time.

7) Any person deemed to be a threat to people within the Singapore Flyer will be escorted out of the premises immediately.

8 ) The Giant Observation Wheel will not stop rotating until after the last flight. Requests for the wheel to stop rotating for filming purposes will not be granted.

9) Filming within the passenger boarding and alighting deck area is subject to official approval. If approved, media personnel have to ensure that filming done within the passenger boarding and alighting deck area will not block or cause delay in operations.

10) Filming props and/or equipment will be subjected to approval depending on how much space there is within the chosen filming location.

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Film & Operating Hours

To ensure that our visitors enjoy their time and experience in Singapore Flyer, media activities must not interfere with daily operations. Here are the designated timeslots when filming and media activities are allowed.

1) Filming can only be done within daily from 8.30am – 10.00pm. To minimise inconvenience, filming should preferably be conducted during off-peak hours (8.30am – 5pm).

2) Should there be a request for filming to extend beyond our operating hours, management will review the request on a case by case basis, depending on the availability of a ground crew and if activities will affect daily maintenance and housekeeping.

3) If overnight filming is approved, it must be completed by the designated timeline set by Straco Leisure Pte Ltd. Filming crew must ensure that the location and facilities used are cleaned and cleared.

4) Except during the bi-annual maintenance effort, Singapore Flyer operates 7 days a week. However, Straco Leisure Pte Ltd reserves the right to close the site without prior notice. Under such circumstances, an alternate date convenient for both parties will be arranged.

5) Filming parties conducting activities within the premises of Singapore Flyer have to ensure that they do not contribute to noise or light pollution which may cause unnecessary disturbances to hotels, public and private buildings around the Marina Bay area.

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Usage of Facilities/Utilities

1) Media personnel are required to submit an application if they wish to loan certain facilities or utilities provided in Singapore Flyer. Straco Leisure Pte Ltd reserves the right to prohibit the use of any facilities and/or utilities without prior approval from the management.

2) Filming crew should ensure care and proper use of facilities or utilities provided. If Singapore Flyer property is damaged during the filming process, costs of damages will be billed to the filming company.

3) Shifting, removing or altering any parts/features of Singapore Flyer property is prohibited.

4 ) Media personnel must ensure all proper instructions and safety checks are carried out before they can proceed to use facilities.

5) There are charges for using certain locations, facilities and utilities. Applicants will be informed and issued a quotation in advance if charges are involved.

6) The filming crew involved must ensure that only Singapore approved standard adapters or voltage converters are used for electrical outlets. They must ensure that the use of electrical outlets will not be a hazard to the premises, facilities and people.

7) Usage of electrical outlets within the capsule is subjected to approval.

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Insurance/License & Liability

1) Applicants are required to purchase all relevant insurance policies for the entire duration of the project at Singapore Flyer. This includes pre and post production activities. Policies must cover areas such as public liability, workmen compensation and indemnity coverage.

2) Straco Leisure Pte Ltd will not be held liable for any injury or loss of life due to negligence or non-conformance of safety regulations by the party involved for any work conducted within Singapore Flyer premises.

3) Straco Leisure Pte Ltd accept no responsibility for any claims that might be incurred in the event of injury or loss of life at any point of the filming/photo shoots.

4) For the use of explosives and pyrotechnics, a valid licence must be attained from the relevant authorities. A copy of the licence must be submitted before the start of the project.

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Submission of Proposal

1) A complete proposal must be submitted together with the application request.

2) The proposal should include a summary of the story and how Singapore Flyer will be featured in the script.

3) Companies filming scenes requiring the use of dangerous, complicated stunt sequences and/or pyrotechnics must submit a detailed statement and action plan together with their application.

4) Applicants planning to use pyrotechnics must obtain a valid licence from the authorities. A copy of this licence must be submitted before the project commences.

5) Straco Leisure Pte Ltd will arrange a meeting with the applicant to discuss the feasibility of the sequence.

6) A process/sequence meeting is required between the applicant and Straco Leisure Pte Ltd prior to the start of the project.

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Filming Parameter

1) For the safety and comfort of our visitors, filming and photography are prohibited in the following locations:

  • In a capsule with paying passengers
  • Security room
  • Ticketing booths
  • Management offices
  • Passenger boarding and disembarking deck


2) Filming parties will be accompanied by a member of our ground crew throughout the duration of the project. Ground crew are empowered to carry out safety checks, reinforce regulations and stop the filming or photography process if necessary.

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Things to Note

1) Applying companies or individuals must agree to provide a copy of the finished product to Straco Leisure Pte Ltd for archiving purposes.

2) Due credit must be given to Straco Leisure Pte Ltd.

3) Use of Singapore Flyer images and logos for marketing materials pertaining to films or images must be approved by Straco Leisure Pte Ltd.

4) An administrative fee may be imposed on certain requests depending on extra man-hours needed and opportunity cost due to the shoot/filming.

5) For wedding photography / filming requests, please click here for more information.


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